Cannon Electrical Contractors are data and network installation specialists. We offer a fully comprehensive range of data solutions nationwide, from installation through to testing, certification and ongoing support. Our engineers are specially trained and accredited.

We undertake network installations and infrastructure, whether you want to create a network for a small business, larger office building or school network, we can help you design the most suitable solution for your needs as well as provide and install the data cabinet, copper cabling, trunking, and wiring required. We have experience in establishing networks and connectivity projects for a variety of commercial clients, on time and within budget, and always to the highest standards.

Data cabling or otherwise known as structured cabling describes the communication cabling within a building and describes the standard of installation and systems used. Almost every device within a commercial building relies on structured cabling for power. This is known as POE or Power over Ethernet. Some types of LED lighting are set to be powered via network cabling in the future as well as laptops powered directly by the network port etc.

Structured cabling is one of the most important features of any commercial building and as it is a permanent installation affecting everything on the network, it needs to be installed correctly from the outset, maintained, and future-proofed accordingly. The design and installation of a network must adhere to universal standards as set out by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) that specify wiring data centres offices and apartment buildings for data or voice communications using a variety of cable, most commonly (CAT5e), (CAT6) and modular connectors.

Generally project consisted of :-

  • Installation Design
  • Trunking
  • Data cabling (Cat 5e/6/Cat 6A)
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Copper data cabling installations
  • Wireless solutions
  • Data cabinets and frame installations
  • Voice cabling
  • Patching
  • Cable tidying solutions
  • System upgrades
  • System repairs
  • Maintenance
  • All systems tested and in line with compliance requirements